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My name is Melesech Sahlu, also known as Meli by my friends and family members.

I now write to share my own experience and explain how I got involved on life saving cancer charity known as Battling Cancer in Ethiopia (BCE). In 2004 I was told that I had breast cancer. Luckily it was in its early stage and with the availability of good medical care here in the UK I have managed to go through all the treatment and came alive. By chance my surgeon was the Queen’s personal doctor who gave me a further assurance and confidence of survival from this nasty and monstrous disease. After breaking the bad news to me he tried to comfort me and then planned out his treatment plan. This involved surgery to remove the tumour with the Lymph nodes followed by 6 sets of Chemo Therapy, 6 weeks of radio therapy and tablet for 5 years as precautionary measures. I still remember vividly those days, the hardship to my family and friends even without the medical cost which is free on NHS and full access to a first class medical care in UK.

In the past I have come across so many people I know in UK and back at home in Ethiopia affected by this illness. Because of my own experience with cancer, I was very much sympathetic than before, hence as survival of this nasty illness, I have been trying my utmost to help as much I can both materially and morally, even have been encouraging others to support this Noble initiative (i.e. to help cancer sufferers in Ethiopia who are not in a position to receive timely diagnosis and appropriate cancer treatment).

As a consequence, when I went to visit Tsige (the other fellow trustee and ex-cancer victim like me), we discussed and strongly thought of the plight of those who are suffering from cancer patients in our country of origin Ethiopia. Our initial reaction was therefore to exhaust all the possibilities and to identify various avenues in order to help those who are not in a position to help themselves. As a result we have decided to set up this charity in collaboration with other fellow Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia.

We named the charity Battling Cancer in Ethiopia (BCE) with the main objective of strengthening the cancer treatment in Ethiopia in order to help the cancer suffers to receive quicker diagnosis and better treatment as much as possible. As you will agree with us, quicker diagnosis is paramount in order to stop the spread of the disease to the rest of the patient’s body. From our survey we have now identified the need for one radio therapy machine and a Simulator at the Black Lion Hospital at cost of around one million pound.

I totally understand this is a large sum of money but if we all stand together, we will be in a better position to raise the required fund in order to help those less fortunate than us. Some of us have first-hand experience of the legacy of cancer or know someone who has been or still a victim of this disease. However this goes beyond that meaning to those we don’t know in person but fall victim to this horrible illness and have no one to support them. Therefore please donate generously, either as a one off or give us your promised amount and pay monthly. I believe in problem shared is problem solved.

Thank You.

Melesech Sahlu

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BCE is a charity committed to raising funds to buy life saving medical equipment for the Black Lion Hospital Cancer Centre in Ethiopia...


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