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The British 10k London Run 2014

Take part to run and raise fund to battle cancer in Ethiopia at 10k London Run on Sunday 13th of July 2014

To raise fund online and create your own page, please visit BT MyDonate Page
  1. Register for the event by creating a free fundraising page. Click on Start fundraising and follow the simple online instructions to create your page
  1. Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your walk for this great cause
    They can sponsor you online on your fundraising page, or via the paper sponsorship form
  1. Have fun walking with us on 13th of July 2014!
Looking forward to see you on 24th of May at 10am!

Other Fundraising Events

The trustees, members and friends of BCE will put together a few other fun fund raising events each year. Your regular visits to our website will keep you updated with information on all current and future events. Please visit our website regularly. The following are just few examples of the events we are planning to arrange.
  • Football Tournament
  • Marathons
  • Dinner shows
  • Concerts
  • Music Night
  • Raffle Draws

About BCE

BCE is a charity committed to raising funds to buy life saving medical equipment for the Black Lion Hospital Cancer Centre in Ethiopia...